Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kim Kardashian​ Giant Naked Ass Just Won't Go Away, Gets Another Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian​ Giant Naked Ass Just Won't Go Away, Gets Another Magazine Cover

Why won't Kim Kardashian just float into the abyss of reality tv has-beens? Even just for a little bit? The 31-year-old sex-tape-mainstay-turned-reality-star-celebrity-shammer not only wrangled herself the December cover of Marie Claire (Ugh! Now I have to debate unsubscribing) but she's also found herself in the spotlight again front and center on Condé Nast's new Middle Eastern glossy, HauteMuse. After the stunt that was her 72-day marriage came to a very public (and humiliating) end, shouldn't she just want to go into hiding right about now?

The cover - which was a result of tht time she flew to Dubai with her PR whore of a mother Kris Jenner and tried on Burqas for the cameras, despite notions of insensitivity from natives - features a more vamped-up Kim K, red-lipped and smokey-eyed, two matching weaponry-inspired metal drop earrings looking particularly empty, albeit sexy in sheer halter-topped dress. Check out some of the most titillating quotes (we're talking about Kim Kardashian here, so...) from the interview below. Sorry, there's no Kris Humphries divorce talk, but she will be buying another house!

On her style inspiration:
I love people that take risks and have that confidence for fashion, like Nicole Richie​ and Rihanna. Even though I might not dress like them, I respect and really like their style.

On her Middle East visit:
I've been having so much fun in Dubai. I love it here so much. I've never been to Armenia, where my family is from and this is my first time to the Middle East, so I'm thankful for such a warm welcome. It feels like home.

Would she buy a home in Dubai?
I would, yes! I would have to come and figure out a place and all that, because I'm only here for three days, but so far I've loved it so much that I could totally see that.

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