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List of comic books

List of comic books

This is a listing of comic books. See also List of comic creators.

* 1 Argentina (historieta)
* 2 Belgium (stripverhaal, strip; bande dessinée, BD)
* 3 Brazil (gibi, história em quadrinhos)
* 4 Canada
* 5 Chile
* 6 China
* 7 Côte d'Ivoire
* 8 Croatia
* 9 Egypt
* 10 Finland (sarjakuvat)
* 11 France (bande dessinée, BD, bédés)
* 12 Germany (Band)
* 13 India
* 14 Italy
* 15 Japan
* 16 Korea
* 17 Mexico (historieta or monitos)
* 18 The Netherlands (stripverhaal)
* 19 Norway
* 20 Poland (komiks)
* 21 Spain (historieta or tebeo)
* 22 Sweden (tecknade serier)
* 23 United Arab Emirates
* 24 United Kingdom
o 24.1 DC Thomson
o 24.2 Other children's anthology comics
o 24.3 Other
o 24.4 Classic newspaper strips
* 25 United States
o 25.1 Others
o 25.2 Newspaper strips
* 26 External links

Argentina (historieta)

* Alack Sinner by Carlos Sampayo (author) and José Antonio Muñoz (artist)
* Barbara by Ricardo Barreiro (author) and Juan Zanotto (artist)
* El Eternauta by Héctor Germán Oesterheld (author) and Solano López (artist)
* Ernie Pike by Héctor Germán Oesterheld (author) and Hugo Pratt (artist)
* Lúpin by Guillermo Guerrero and Héctor Mario Sidoli
* Mafalda by Quino
* Nippur de Lagash by Robin Wood (author) and various artists.
* Mort Cinder by Héctor Germán Oesterheld (author) and Alberto Breccia (artist)
* Patoruzu by Dante Quinterno

Belgium (stripverhaal, strip; bande dessinée, BD)

Main Article: Belgian comics

* Agent 212 by Raoul Cauvin (author) and Daniël Kox (artist)
* Alpha by Youri Jigounov (artist) & P. Renard (author), later by Mythic (author)
* Apocalypse Mania by Philippe Aymond (artist) and Laurent-Frédéric Bollée (author)
* Bernard Prince by Greg (author) and Hermann (artist)
* Blake and Mortimer by Edgar Pierre Jacobs
* Bobo by Deliège
* Boule et Bill by Jean Roba
* Les Cités Obscures by Benoit Peeters (author) and François Schuiten (artist)
* Colonel Clifton, by Raymond Macherot, later by Jo-El Azara, then by Turk & De Groot, then by Bédu, and currently by Rodrigue
* Comanche by Greg (author) and Hermann (artist)
* Cubitus by Dupa
* Dallas Barr by Haldeman (author) and Marvano (artist)
* Djinn by Jean Dufaux (author) & Ana Mirallès (artist)
* Double Masque by Jean Dufaux (author) & Jamar (artist)
* Les Eternels by Yann (author) & Felix Meynet (artist)
* Gaston by André Franquin
* Giacomo C. by Jean Dufaux (author) & Griffo (artist)
* Gil Jourdan by Maurice Tillieux (author and artist) & Gos (artist)
* India Dreams by Maryse Charles (author) & Jean-François Charles (artist)
* Insiders by Bartoll & Garreta
* I.R.$. by Bernard Vrancken (artist) & Stephen Desberg (author)
* Jeremiah by Hermann (artist)
* The Adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko by Hergé
* Johan and Peewit by Peyo
* Jommeke by Jef Nys
* Jugurtha by Jean-Luc Vernal (author) and Hermann (artist)
* Kiekeboe by Merho
* Largo Winch by Philippe Francq (artist) & Jean van Hamme (author)
* Léonard by Turk & De Groot
* Lucky Luke by Morris
* Les Maîtres de l'Orge by Francis Vallès (artist) & Jean van Hamme (author)
* Modeste et Pompon by André Franquin
* Murena by Jean Dufaux (author) & Philippe Delaby (artist)
* Nero by Marc Sleen
* Niklos Koda by Jean Dufaux (author) & Olivier Grenson (artist)
* Le Petit Spirou by Tome & Janry
* Quick & Flupke (Quick et Flupke) by Hergé
* Le Rayon U (The U Ray) by Edgar Pierre Jacobs
* Redbeard by Victor Hubinon
* De Rode Ridder (Red Knight) by Willy Vandersteen
* Le Scorpion by Enrico Marini (artist) & Stephen Desberg (author)
* Le Scrameustache by Gos (artist) & Walt (author)
* The Smurfs (Les Schtroumpfs) by Peyo
* Soda by Philippe Tome (author), Luc Warnant (artist) and Bruno Gazzotti (artist).
* Spike and Suzy also called Bob & Bobette or Willy and Wanda, originally Flemish Suske en Wiske by Willy Vandersteen
* Spirou et Fantasio by (in chronological order) Rob-Vel, Jijé, André Franquin, Pierre Fournier, Raoul Cauvin (author) and Nic Broca (artist), Yves Chaland, Tome and Janry, and Morvan (author) and Munuera (artist) (currently)
* Steven Strong (Benoit Brisefer) by Peyo
* The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé
* Thorgal by Jean van Hamme (author) and Grzegorz Rosinski (artist)
* Les Tours de Bois-Maury by Hermann
* Les Tuniques Bleues by Raoul Cauvin (author) and Lambil (artist)
* La vengeance du comte Skarbek by Grzegorz Rosinski (artist) & Yves Sente (author)
* XIII by Jean van Hamme (author) and William Vance (artist)
* Yakari by Job (author) & Derib (artist)
* Yoko Tsuno by Roger Leloup

Brazil (gibi, história em quadrinhos)

* 10 Pãezinhos by Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá
* Jimmy Five (Cebolinha) by Maurício de Sousa
* Chiclete com Banana
* Monica's Gang (Turma da Mônica) by Maurício de Sousa


* Arbalet by André Pijet
* Captain Canuck
* Cerebus the Aardvark by Dave Sim with Gerhard
* Dirty Plotte
* Drawn and Quarterly
* Les Cantons – Rondel et Baton à la conquête du Saladier d'argent by André Pijet
* Le Tour du Québec en BD
* Louis Riel
* New Triumph
* Night Life
* Northguard
* Peep Show
* Palookaville
* Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley
* Thieves & Kings by Mark Oakley
* To Be Announced
* The True North
* The True North II
* Underwater
* Yummy Fur


* Condorito by René Rios (Pepo)


See: Manhua

Côte d'Ivoire

* Magie noire by Gilbert G. Groud


* Mister Mačak


* Samir
* Middle East Heroes

Finland (sarjakuvat)

* Kramppeja ja Nyrjähdyksiä
* Mämmilä by Tarmo Koivisto
* Praedor by Petri Hiltunen
* Punaniska by Harri "Wallu" Vaalio
* Viivi & Wagner by Jussi "Juba" Tuomola

France (bande dessinée, BD, bédés)

* 120 Rue de la Gare and Brouillard au pont de Tolbiac by Léo Malet (author) and Jacques Tardi (artist)
* Asterix and Obelix by René Goscinny (author) and Albert Uderzo (artist and author)
* Blueberry by Jean-Michel Charlier (author) and Jean Giraud (artist)
* Dungeon written by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar, drawn by Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, Christopher Blain, Manu Larcenet, Phillipe Bercovici, Andréas, Blanquet, Boulet ...
* Fanfoué des Pnottas by Félix Meynet
* Frantico by Frantico
* Lone Sloane by Philippe Druillet
* The spiffy adventures of McConey (original title: Lapinot) by Lewis Trondheim
* Michel Vaillant by Jean Graton, later by Philippe Graton
* Monsieur Jean by Charles Dupuy and Philippe Berberian
* Oumpah-pah by René Goscinny (author) and Albert Uderzo (artist and author)
* Pyrénée by Régis Loisel (author) and Philippe Sternis (artist)
* Rahan by Roger Lécureux (author) and André Chéret (artist)
* Roach Killer by B. Legrand (author) and Jacques Tardi (artist)
* Titeuf by Zep
* Valérian: Spatio-Temporal Agent by Pierre Christin (author) and Jean-Claude Mézières (artist)

Germany (Band)

* Fix und Foxi created by Rolf Kauka
* Das kleine Arschloch by Walter Moers
* Mosaik created by Hannes Hegen
* Nick Knatterton created by Manfred Schmidt
* Sigurd by Hansrudi Wäscher
* Various gay comics by Ralf König
* Werner by Brösel


Main article: Indian comics

* Amar Chitra Katha by India Book House
* Bankelal published by Raj Comics
* Bombaby the Screen Goddess published by Save Labour Graphics
* Bheriya published by Raj Comics
* Bhokal published by Raj Comics
* Chacha Chaudhary by Pran
* Corridor by Sarnath Banerjee
* Detective Moochwala created by Ajit Ninan
* Devi published by Virgin Comics
* Doga published by Raj Comics
* End of Story published by Virgin comics
* Gamraj published by Raj Comics
* Gardhab Das created by Neelabh and Jayanto
* Krishna by India Book House
* Mahabharata by India Book House
* Nagraj published by Raj Comics one of the most popular indigenous comic books
* Parmanu published by Raj Comics
* Ramayana by India Book House
* Ramayana Reborn published by Virgin Comics
* Seven Brothers by Virgin Comics
* Shakti by Raj Comics
* Snakewoman published by Virgin Comics
* Spider-Man: India published by Gotham Entertainment Group
* Super Commando Dhruva published by Raj Comics
* The Sadhu published by Virgin Comics
* Tinkle by Raj
* Tiranga published by Raj Comics
* Vimanarama by Vertigo


* Alan Ford by Max Bunker (author) and Magnus (artist)
* Il Gioco ("Click") by Milo Manara
* Cocco Bill by Benito Jacovitti,
* Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt
* Diabolik by Angela e Luciana Giussani
* Dylan Dog by Tiziano Sclavi
* Fort Wheeling by Hugo Pratt
* Giuseppe Bergman by Milo Manara
* Jesuit Joe by Hugo Pratt
* Julia by Giancarlo Berardi (writer)
* Ken Parker by Giancarlo Berardi (writer) and Ivo Milazzo (artist)
* Kriminal by Max Bunker and Magnus
* Magico Vento by Gianfranco Manfredi (writer)
* Martin Mystere by Alfredo Castelli (author) and Giancarlo Alessandrini (artist)
* Milady nel 3000 by Magnus
* Morgan by Hugo Pratt
* RanXerox by Tanino Liberatore and Stefano Tamburini
* Rat-Man by Leo Ortolani
* Satanik by Max Bunker and Magnus
* Lo Sconosciuto ("The Specialist") by Magnus
* Sergeant Kirk by Hugo Pratt
* Tex Willer by G.L.Bonelli (author) and Aurelio Galleppini (artist)
* La Bionda (The Blonde) by Franco Saudelli
* Valentina by Guido Crepax
* Zagor by Sergio Bonelli


See list of manga. Many anime television series and films have accompanying manga; see also anime.


See Manhwa

Mexico (historieta or monitos)

* Los Agachados by Rius
* La familia Burrón by Gabriel Vargas
* Kalimán
* Karmatron by Oscar Gonzalez Loyo
* Los Supermachos by Rius
* Ultrapato by Edgar Delgado

The Netherlands (stripverhaal)

* Agent 327 by Martin Lodewijk
* Dirk-Jan by Mark Retera
* Eric De Noorman by Hans G. Kresse
* De Familie Doorzon by Gerrit De Jager
* De Generaal by Peter de Smet
* Gilles de Geus by Hanco Kolk & Peter de Wit
* Heinz by Eddie De Jong en René Windig
* Jan, Jans en de Kinderen by Jan Kruis
* Sigmund (comics) by Peter De Wit
* Storm by Don Lawrence(artist)
* Tom Puss (Tom Poes) by Marten Toonder


* Nemi by Lise Myre
* Pondus by Frode Øverli

Poland (komiks)

* Funky Koval by Maciej Parowski, Jacek Rodek (authors), and Boguslaw Polch (artist)
* Janosik by Tadeusz Kwiatkowski and prof. Jerzy Skarzynski (artist)
* Kajtek i Koko and Kajko i Kokosz by Janusz Christa
* Kapitan Kloss by Andrzej Zbych and Mieczyslaw Wisniewski
* Na co dybie w wielorybie czubek nosa Eskimosa by Tadeusz Baranowski
* Pilot smiglowca by Witold Jarkowski (author) and Grzegorz Rosinski (artist)
* Przygody Kleksa by Szarlota Pawel
* Tytus, Romek i A'tomek by Henryk Chmielewski

Spain (historieta or tebeo)

* 13, Rue del Percebe by Francisco Ibañez
* Anacleto, agente secreto by Manuel Vázquez
* El botones Sacarino by Francisco Ibañez
* El Capitán Trueno by Víctor Mora (author) and Ambrós (artist)
* Carpanta by José Escobar Saliente
* Chicha, Tato y Clodoveo by Francisco Ibañez
* Clara by Trillo & Maicas (story) and Jordi Benet (artist)
* El Corsario de Hierro by Victor Mora and Ambrós
* Curro Córner by Ozelui
* Deliranta Rococó by Martz Schmidt
* Doña Urraca by Martz Schmidt
* El doctor Cataplasma by Martz Schmidt
* Fanhunter by Cels Piñol
* Goomer by Ricardo Martinez (story) and Nacho Moreno (artist)
* El Guerrero del Antifaz by Manuel Gago García
* Las hermanas Gilda by Manuel Vázquez (creator) and others
* Iberia Inc. by Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco (writers) and Rafa Fronteriz and Jesús Yugo (artists).
* El Jabato by Víctor Mora (author) and Francisco Darnís (artist)
* Mortadelo y Filemón by Francisco Ibañez
* Paracuellos by Carlos Giménez
* La Parejita by Manel Fontdevila
* Pepe Gotera y Otilio by Francisco Ibañez
* Petra, criada para todo by José Escobar Saliente
* El profesor Tragacanto y su clase que es de espanto by Martz Schmidt
* Pulgarcito by Jan
* El repórter Tribulete by Guillermo Cifré
* Rigoberto Picaporte, solterón de mucho porte by Roberto Segura
* Rompetechos by Francisco Ibañez
* Sarvan by Antonio Segura and Jordi Bernet
* Seguridasosiá by Maikel
* Sir Tim O'Theo by Raf
* Superlópez by Jan
* Torpedo by Enrique Sánchez Abulí (author) and Jordi Bernet (artist)
* Zipi y Zape by José Escobar Saliente

Sweden (tecknade serier)

* Arne Anka by Charlie Christensen
* Bamse by Rune Andréasson
* Blammo by Johan Wanloo
* Felix by Jan Lööf
* Ratte by Magnus Knutsson
* Rocky by Martin Kellerman
* Ensamma mamman by Cecilia Torudd
* Socker Conny by Joakim Pirinen

United Arab Emirates

* Majid

United Kingdom

See also: British comics

DC Thomson

* The Beano
* Bullet
* Commando
* The Dandy
* Fireball
* Warlord

Other children's anthology comics

* Buster
* Cor!!
* The Eagle
* Lion
* Scream!
* Tiger
* Valiant
* Victor
* Whizzer and Chips


* 2000 AD
* The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot
* From Hell by Alan Moore (author) and Eddie Campbell (artist)
* Night Warrior
* Marshal Law by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill
* Trigan Empire by Don Lawrence
* V for Vendetta by Alan Moore (author) and David Lloyd (artist)
* Viz comic
* Warrior
* Where's Wally? series by Martin Handford
* Amazatron

Classic newspaper strips

* Andy Capp
* Fred Basset
* The Gambols
* Hagar the Horrible
* Modesty Blaise
* Oor Wullie
* The Perishers
* Rupert Bear

United States

Abstract Studio

* Strangers In Paradise by Terry Moore

AC Comics

* Femforce by Bill Black (and others).

Agon Printing Production

* Muckle by Nate Speed.
* Nate Speed by Nate Speed.
* Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass by Ryan Wells.
* The Little Wolf and the Bad Little Girl by Nate Speed.

Antarctic Press

* Gold Digger written and drawn by Fred Perry
* Twilight X by Joe Wight
* Ninja High School by Ben Dunn(and others).
* Warrior Nun Areala
* Dragon Arms
* The Science Fair
* Mighty Tiny
* Weapons File
* Pose File
* Battle Girls
* Twilight X Storm
* MetaDocs written by Joeming Dunn,MD and illustrated by Rod Espinosa.

Basement Comics

* Cavewoman by Budd Root

DC Comics

* see List of DC Comics publications.

Dark Horse

* The American
* Billi 99 by Sarah Byam and Tim Sale
* Concrete by Paul Chadwick
* Dark Horse Presents, an anthology series
* Ghost
* Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow
* The Goon
* Groo the Wanderer by Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier
* Hellboy by Mike Mignola
* Sin City by Frank Miller
* Space Usagi by Stan Sakai
* Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai

Devil's Due

* Demon Wars
* Dragonlance: Chronicles
* Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy
* Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale Trilogy
* Family Guy
* G.I. Joe various
* G.I. Joe Sigma 6
* G.I. Joe v. Transformers
* HACK/slash
* Nightwolf
* Sheena: Queen of the Jungle

EC Comics

* see List of EC Comics publications.

Eclipse Comics

* Crossfire by Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle
* Dirty Pair
* The DNAgents by Mark Evanier and Will Meugniot
* Dr. Watchstop
* Fusion
* Masked Man
* Scout by Timothy Truman
* The Weasel Patrol

Evil Twin Comics

* Action Philosophers

Fantagraphics Books

* Acme Novelty Library by Chris Ware
* Eightball by Daniel Clowes
* Frank by Jim Woodring
* Hate by Peter Bagge
* Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez and Gilbert Hernandez
* Naughty Bits by Roberta Gregory
* Palestine by Joe Sacco

First Comics

* American Flagg by Howard Chaykin
* Badger by Mike Baron and Jeff Butler
* GrimJack by John Ostrander and Timothy Truman
* Jon Sable Freelance by Mike Grell
* Nexus by Mike Baron and Steve Rude
* Warp

Gilberton Publications

* Classics Illustrated

Harris Comics

* Cyberfrog
* Pantha
* Vampirella

Harvey Comics

* Casper the Friendly Ghost
* Joe Palooka
* Mutt and Jeff
* Sad Sack

Image Comics

* The Crow (remake series)
* The Darkness created by Marc Silvestri and Garth Ennis
* The Maxx created by Sam Kieth
* Savage Dragon created by Erik Larsen
* Spawn created by Todd McFarlane

Java Monkey Productions

* DoomSqueaks

Jester Press

* Night

Manuscript Press

* Comics Revue
* Modesty Blaise Quarterly

Marvel Comics

* see List of Marvel Comics publications.

New England Comics

* The Tick
* Paul the Samurai
* Man-Eating Cow
* Chainsaw Vigilante

Pacific Comics

* Alien Worlds
* Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers
* Groo the Wanderer
* Ms. Mystic
* The Rocketeer
* Rog-2000
* Starslayer
* Twisted Tales

Raytoons Comics

* 2 Many Parakeets created by Ray Mullikin
* Quackup created by Ray Mullikin
* Raytoons Cartoon Revue

Renegade Comics

* Holiday Out
* Ms. Tree
* Normalman by Jim Valentino
* Open Season by Jim Bricker
* Wordsmith

Shanda Fantasy Arts

* Albedo Anthropomorphics by Steve Gallacci
* Shanda The Panda by Mike Curtis

Slave Labor Comics

* Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez
* Milk & Cheese by Evan Dorkin

Valiant Comics

* Archer and Armstrong
* Armorines
* Bloodshot
* Eternal Warrior
* H.A.R.D. Corps
* Harbinger
* Magnus Robot Fighter
* Ninjak
* Psi Lords
* Quantum and Woody
* Rai
* Second Life of Dr. Mirage
* Shadowman
* Solar Man of the Atom
* Turok Dinosaur Hunter
* Unity
* X-O Manowar


* Airboy by Charles Biro
* Akiko by Mark Crilley
* American Splendor by Harvey Pekar
* Apathy Kat by Harold Buchholz
* Astro City by Kurt Busiek
* Beyond the Veil by Rick Law
* Big Bang Comics by Gary Carlson & Chris Ecker
* Bone by Jeff Smith
* Buster the Amazing Bear by Tommy Yune
* Cherry Poptart by Larry Welz
* Comics Revue edited by Rick Norwood
* The Crow by James O'Barr
* Curbside by Robert Kirby
* Devil Water by Steven Barr
* A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran
* Elfquest by Wendy and Richard Pini (moved to DC Comics in 2003)
* Family Bones by Shawn Granger
* Finder by Carla Speed McNeil
* Funnyman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (Magazine Enterprises 1948)
* Girl Genius by Phil Foglio
* Gold Digger by Fred Perry
* Hepcats by Martin Wagner
* Innocent by Shawn Granger
* Mac Hall by Matthew Boyd
* Misspent Youths by David Lee Ingersoll
* Oh Yeah! Cartoons & Comics (Nicktoons Comics anthology series)
* Omaha the Cat Dancer by Reed Waller and Kate Worley
* Optic Nerve by Adrian Tomine
* Pakkins' Land by Gary Shipman and Rhoda Shipman
* Poison Elves by Drew Hayes
* Sam & Max by Steve Purcell
* Starchild by James A. Owen
* The Joy of a Day by Kenneth M. Piekarski
* Uptown Girl by Bob Lipski
* Xxxenophile by Phil Foglio
* Zot! by Scott McCloud

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