Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm A Celeb Get Me Out Boobs,Ticks & All

I'm A Celeb Get Me Out Boobs,Ticks & All

Mark & Emily – Long Distance Relationship gets ticked off

Sinitta suggested that Mark/Emily could be a show romance but Crissy chipped in, "That's a long distance relationship, it wouldn't work".

Mark said, 'She can move back", "But what if you take Emily back and after a while say….byyeeeee?" asked Crissy.

"She's coming back anyway" said Mark, Crissy turned to Emily and said, "Are you?".  Emily smiled and said "I'm going to go over anyway".  Crissy
looks at them both and said, "Well she needs something to go back with…a ring and a key to a house", Emily looked at Crissy and said "I don't think so".

Mark looked at Emily and said "I'd love a long distance relationship, one thing I can't do at moment is a full on relationship so long distance works", Emily looked at him.

    Is that your boob or belly

Then she moves in closer and gives Mark a head massage and finds A tick!

Emily and Mark were sat on the sofa together when Mark asked her if she was good at giving head massages, "I might be, are you?" asked Emily.

"No, I'm not" said Mark…Emily didn't respond so Mark said he's swap her a head massage for a shoulder massage.  "Can you do them?" asked Emily.  "I'm phenomenal at massages" declared Mark.

Mark rested his head on Emily's lap, "Is that your boob or belly" he asked Emily, "My boob" smiled Emily.

Mark then closed his eyes for 5 mins whilst he enjoyed the head massage from Emily.

"Is that a lump on your head, you've got a tick" said Emily. "NO way" shouted Mark.  "Why me, leeches, a snake under my bum eating something,

I've had them all, anything and I will get it"

He then dashed off to the Bush Telegraph.

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