Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nude Jennifer Aniston 'furious' at Brad Pitt! Is 'Moneyball' star 'jealous' of Justin Theroux?

Nude Jennifer Aniston 'furious' at Brad Pitt! Is 'Moneyball' star 'jealous' of Justin Theroux?

A few months back, Brad Pitt reportedly angered Jennifer Aniston when he called their marriage unfulfilling. Now he's allegedly at it again.

The Moneyball star, who has supposedly been feeling "overprotective" of his ex lately, is "jealous" of her relationship with Justin Theroux and "wants to be reassured" that Justin is good enough for her, Now Magazine is reporting.

"At first, Brad told a lot of their mutual friends that he thought Justin was too moody and serious for Jen," a "friend" dishes to the mag. "He was clearly quite jealous. Jen got wind and was furious, so she's delighted that Brad's invited her over, and she's seizing the chance to change his opinion of Justin."

Brad has allegedly invited the two to his L.A. house for drinks because he wants everyone to be on good terms, but one person may not attend the gathering: Angelina Jolie.

"Jen isn't clear on whether Angelina will be there too, but she'll cross that bridge when she comes to it," Now's source says.

If this report is accurate, then this is apparently the season of awkward meetings for Jennifer Aniston, who had an "emotional heart-to-heart" with Justin Theroux's ex, Heidi Bivens, last month. But does anyone really think that she and Brad Pitt still care about each other? They got divorced six years ago. There have been numerous reports since then that they don't speak, and "sources" connected to Jennifer are always telling the tabloids that she doesn't care about Brad anymore. Brad certainly knows about Justin, but after all these years, he probably doesn't give her new relationships more than a passing "I wish them well" kind of thought. They've both moved on, and they're obviously not in contact. But that doesn't sell magazines.

What do you think? Is Brad Pitt jealous of Justin Theroux? Does Jennifer Aniston just want everyone to get along? Sound off in the comments!

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