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iPod Touch Download 65 Guy Cream Pie Studio: Devil's Film Category:  Cream Pies , Gangbang Starring: Ariana Jollee nude girls facebook com apple ipad nude girls iphone 4 playboy com ipod twitter com free porn blackberry apps

65 Guy Cream Pie
Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Cream Pies , Gangbang
Starring: Ariana Jollee
Released on: 12/17/2004
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for 65 Guy Cream Pie:
Overall Rating    65 Guy Cream Pie overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks    65 Guy Cream Pie Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks    65 Guy Cream Pie Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex    65 Guy Cream Pie Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting    65 Guy Cream Pie Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras    65 Guy Cream Pie DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality    65 Guy Cream Pie A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Adult DVD Empire
Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  1/19/2005
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65 Guy Cream Pie

2004, 1 hours 32 minutes
Devils Film
Directed by Tristan Seagal
Starring Ariana Jollee

What You Should Know:
By all reasonable logic, Ariana Jollee should be burned out.

Since hitting the ground running in late 2002, the scorching Ariana has yet to turn in a bad scene. An enthusiastic brunette with mouth-watering all-natural breasts and a tanned hard body built for her chosen vocation, when you see Jollee onscreen there's never any doubt as to whether or not she's totally immersed in her work and enjoying every last second of it. Ariana's a willing and eager participant in every porno acronym your mind can conjure (DP, DAP, DPP, A2M, ATOGM) and even honed her fucking abilities to the point that she can now add "squirting" to her risqué resume. With Belladonna married, away having babies and primarily focusing her performer/director talents on all-girl action, I'd say Ariana Jollee is the likeliest successor to the throne that living legend Bella left vacant.

Their career trajectories do share certain similar parallels. A veteran of just under two hundred movies now in under two years, the 5' 2" Jollee has effortlessly managed to up the circus act ante with each successive film and she's literally worked for every major (and minor) hardcore company under the Porn Valley sun. Just when you think she has done all she can do, she somehow manages to find a way to shock us and top it. Ariana took part in the best installment of Anabolic's The Gangbang Girl in years when she celebrated her twenty-first birthday by taking on twenty-one guys for the occasion. "I'm doing what I love more than anything in the world and getting paid for it," she told AVN Insider. Turns out this was only a precursor for what I have before me today. Again, I thought that Jollee would take a break (fat chance), that she would not be able to one-up her one and only directorial effort to date, The Narcassist. Again, I would be wrong. Take a look at the latest chapter in the life of a woman who is a walking, talking sexual revolutionary and someone I get the feeling probably wouldn't mind dying having sex on-camera.

The Action:

Ariana Jollee
The setting: Prague.

The event: the second volume of Devils Films' 50 Guy Cream Pie series.

Unlike the first installement, which featured virtual unknown Jennifer, director Tristan Segal has arranged for the participation of physical phenom Ariana Jollee. Considering her reputation, is it any wonder that on Friday September 24th, 2004, sixty-five men, rather than fifty, showed to dump their frothy loads in the various orifices of this wanton New Yorker? Do you think Ariana was intimidated, thinking about the then-HIV scare in the U.S. or turned fifteen guys away? Not a chance in Hell. These are the moments Ariana Jollee LIVES for. She can't wait, is excited and eager even, to get all sixty-five comers off, sending them and the eventual home viewers away happy. Ariana Jollee aims to please and pleasing is her specialty. And she is oh, so good at it.

After doing a sexy tease near a pool surrounded by sixty-five lucky (depending on your personal perspective) men, Ariana makes her way around the room, caressing crotches and sizing up the task at hand. Soon she's on her knees and ingesting guy gristle down to the hilt with reckless two-fisted abandon. Jollee kneels between many pairs of cock at a time, having the guys line up on either side of her. They wait patiently until she motions for the next two studs to suck and stroke. The oral action is hot, the only wood killer comes when Segal decides to pull back and show us the sixty-three other participants, all standing around jerking off, trying to stay hard until their turn comes. After twenty-two minutes of blowjobs, Ariana finally leads her sixty-five suitors over to a bed where they immediately lock her in air tight in a doggie DP while she keeps her mouth and hands busy with various dicks. The first men who penetrate Ariana seem to be pros and get the party started on a high note, taking Jollee through a variety of positions and know just what to do for the cameras, putting on a clinic of sorts for the amateurs who look on. A mere four minutes later, Ariana is getting double analized doggie. This is a woman that doesn't believe in saving anything for last. After they've had their way with her, the pros invite everyone else to come get a piece of Jollee's ass and pussy.

Ariana is out of control when surrounded by this many men. She simultaneously nurturing and encouraging (when a guy isn't at full-mast she's says sweetly, "That's okay" and helps him inside her) and aggressive and demanding (yelling, "Just stick your motherfuckin' cock in!" to one guy who's taking his time admiring her pussy rather than fucking her. A shame that most of them do not understand her because they don't speak English). If you've seen her in action before, Ariana is Ariana, whether it's one guy, six guys or sixty-five. She seemingly can't enough dick and she rarely speaks up to complain (she warns someone once about sticking fingers in her ass), something that killed The World's Biggest Gangbang with the bitchy Jasmine St. Claire for me. Jollee is the exact opposite. She isn't there for the check (though, I'm sure it helped), she's there because she sincerely wants to be and is one hundred times more accommodating than any girl I've ever seen in any gangbang of this size before. And in case you're wondering whether or not her attitude is genuine, Jollee provides us with no less than five of her trademark squirting orgasms throughout the proceedings.

Ariana is most obliging (and infinitely patient) when it comes time for all sixty-five guys to unload in her pussy or ass. She goes so far as to personally thank and kiss some of them ("Good boy, good boy," she says as she pats one on the head). The majority of them opt to fuck her pussy and fill that up; only a small percentage (about fifteen or twenty guys) actually give her anal creampies. The boxcover says "No Clean-Up Allowed", meaning Jollee rarely lets the semen from her previous partner drip out before the next one dumps in her snatch. For the most part, they pop in her one right after the other. That's an unsafe bonus for all you extreme creampie lovers out there. Ariana believes in giving each man personal attention and helps them along ("You can do it, you can do it," she chants at one guy) in getting off when it's finally their turn, which must've been great for a lot of these amateurs, some probably in this situation for the first time. You never hear Jollee complain about the process taking too long or being too sore or needing a break. For the grand finale, Ariana takes the last fifteen or so loads and puts them into a receptacle which she slowly pours all over her sweaty and already cum-covered body.

After the event, Ariana herself posted about her experience in Prague: "…yesterday I was the luckiest girl in the world…65 guys…all their loads in both my holes. Pure motherfucking filth." And like that…she was gone.

A revealing nine-minute Interview with Ariana before the event and an eighten-minute Behind the Scenes look at the filming. Ariana is fingering herself and squirting for the camera as it begins: "I fuckin' need to come so bad it's disgusting!" she says, licking her fingers clean before the gangbang even starts. Trailers for Double Filled Cream Teens 4, Cream Pie P.O.V., Cream Pie For the Straight Guy & the original 50 Guy Creampie and an automated photo gallery are included.

What I Liked:
Ariana's attitude and enthusiasm MADE this event. She was more concerned about the enjoyment of the guys than herself but she was so into what she was doing, with complete strangers no less, that the heat was literally off the charts. Her intensity drove the whole ordeal, keeping her partners focused on her, thus making it easier for them to perform. With a lesser female talent, this would have been disastrous. With the highly sexual Ariana Jollee, a rousing, dick-stiffening success.

What I Disliked:
With this many guys and a language barrier to overcome an event of this size is bound to be disorganized. I didn't like hearing the director literally yell instructions to the confused guys at some points and seeing flash bulbs go off periodically while some photographer shot stills. It made the movie feel less like a stroke flick and more like a documentary of the actual event. Also, not every guy could muster sizeable or even visible loads, so we didn't truly "see" sixty-five internal cumshots. Some were so weak, Ariana's pussy just ate them. Sorry.

"Devils sets itself apart from its competitors by filling niches everyone else is too busy or too scared to exploit." This is what I said less than a month ago but little did I know DF had THIS in store. My Lord. Even if you can't rub one off to this title (and you'd have to be damn-near homosexual not to, though, if you were gay, the 65 guys might actually be a plus), this definitely stands as a sexual achievement in Ariana's career that is worth seeing and owning if you are an Ariana Jollee fan or completist. Devils Film was smart enough to arrange the piece of pornographic history and deserve just as much credit as Jollee. The only question that remains in my mind is, "What on Earth will she (or Devils Film) do next?!"

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