Monday, November 28, 2011

Justin Bieber Supports Selena Gomez in Kidd Kraddick Twitter Feud — New Details (Audio)

Justin Bieber Supports Selena Gomez in Kidd Kraddick Twitter Feud — New Details (Audio)

Justin Bieber is standing by his woman in her feud with radio personality Kidd Kraddick. The Selena Gomez-Kidd Kraddick smack down flared when Kraddick allegedly dissed the Who Says? singer's pregnant mother on the air. Since that fateful moment, there's been a deluge of Twitter activity from all three principles and their respective fans. JB Tweeted Kraddick a terse message. Kraddick Tweeted Selena denying the whole thing. And, perhaps most important of all, an audio tape of the broadcast in question has surfaced on the Internet which will hopefully prove once and for all who said what. Or not.

For the somehow still uninitiated, Kidd Kraddick is a radio personality who has interviewed Selena Gomez several times in the past. Kraddick allegedly offended Selena Gomez by stating on air that her mother should have a miscarriage. Needless to say Selena saw red and fired off a Tweet to Kraddick lambasting him for "crossing the line." That's when Justin Bieber stepped in.

"Smooth kid," Justin Tweeted on November 28, "real smooth. smh."

Once again, for the uninitiated, "smh" means "shake my head."

Shortly thereafter, Kraddick posted a Tweet of his own—to Selena Gomez, denying the whole thing.

@selenagomez Never said one word about a miscarriage, abortion, or anything of the kind. It's completely made up.

Interestingly enough, he's telling the truth. A close examination of the broadcast, which you can hear on the video below, reveals Kraddick and his fellow deejays joking about Selena's mom's pregnancy, speculating about her advanced age, and hinting that it must be "weird" for Selena to become a big sis at 19 or 20. The conversation switches to a bizarre discussion of the Mariah Yeater scandal that segues into a rather idiotic comedy routine suggesting that maybe it's really Selena Gomez who's pregnant and her mom is just covering for her with a fake baby bump "to protect her image."

"Are you saying it's Mariah Yeater's baby?" exclaims one of Kraddick's co-hosts.

"Wait a minute," interrupts another. "Mariah Yeater's baby's already born."

"Justin Bieber's makin' babies all over the place!" cries a third.

You get the picture. It's low-brow humor—stultifying, predictable, and repetitive, not to mention ageist, sexist, and just plain dumb, but just a comedy routine nevertheless. If this is the entire, unedited broadcast, then Kidd Kraddick is guilty only of being mildly disrespectful and totally unfunny. Sort of like a less profane, male version of Chelsea Handler.

In the meantime, rumor has it that beliebers and Selenators have been momentarily united by this incident and are going after Kraddick with pitchforks—er—Twitter pages in hand. Yikes.

Oh well. Listen to the tape. What do you think?

Stay tuned.

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