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Free iPhone Free iPad and Free iPod touch new releases

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iPhone, iPod and iPad product updatesNew iPhone, iPod touch and iPad product announcements for November 15, 2011:
New iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps

    * Where is the next Pizzeria, the next dentist or the next hair salon? The local search app Where To? for iPhone finds it at the drop of a hat. It is familiar with 700+ local categories and thousands of brands and chains. The new 4.0 version now displays ratings and reviews and allows to review places right within the app. So users know right away whether a visit is worthwhile. In celebration of the new version, the app is put on sale for only 99¢ for a very limited time (normal price $2.99).
    * techBASIC 1.1 extends its programming capabilities with interactive plots. techBASIC lets students, hobbyists, scientists and engineers write programs for iOS devices. techBASIC can collect information from the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, as well as report on the position and heading of an iPhone, iPod or iPad. A powerful but easy to use implementation of BASIC processes this information, creating graphs that can be rotated, panned and zoomed with swipe and pinch gestures.
    * Monkey Prism has announced their new Thanksgiving level for the recently released interactive Sound Box application Bugs and Dolls. Featuring an abundance of exciting art and sound (not to mention a runaway turkey), this level is a surefire way to start spreading the holiday cheer this season.
    * Digital Leprechaun has introduced Suicide Kings 2.0 for iOS, their Game where the player must find scoring, 5-card poker hands as fast as they can. A variant of Texas Hold'em, a 3-card Flop moves to the River, though the River in Suicide Kings is 7-cards wide by 7-cards high. If the River grows more than 7-cards high, the game ends. With some control over where the Flop finally goes, the player must touch 5 contiguous cards that make a hand to score points and make room for more cards.
    * Left Coast Logic has announced the launch of SmartNotes for web, a productivity tool that integrates any computer seamlessly with their category-leading SmartNotes for iPhone and iPad. SmartNotes offers a simple way to manage "sticky" notes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Users can easily create notes, to do's, photo notes, and voice notes - then drag them together to automatically create folders. SmartNotes Web can be accessed from any browser.
    * Pleasant Software has introduced iFlares 1.0 for iOS, their Utilities app that calculates where and when Iridium flares can be viewed from any location on Earth. Iridium flares are phenomena caused by the polished antennas of the Iridium communication satellites reflecting sunlight on to the Earth below and appearing as a brief, bright "flare." The app features a visual navigation mode, which indicates through the camera viewer the exact compass heading, altitude, and time to see the flare.
    * yktyk has introduced yktyk 1.0, a new iPhone app that's lots of fun for people who are into acronyms and abbreviations or not. This awesome new iPhone app turns your words into acronyms for you to text Tweet, share on Facebook or cleverly drop into conversation. yktyk is a very simple app that's easy to use. I can see this one being very popular with the younger generation as well as grown-ups who enjoy having fun with the English language. You can store your personal acronyms.
    * Panorama Concepts has announced My World Translator, your perfect companion when it comes to language learning or acting as your private translator when traveling to foreign countries. Simply translate any sentence or phrase into any one of the 58 destination languages you desire with your iOS device. Features include: Instant Text-To-Speech functionality, Access to MyBook for a set of commonly-used english phrases, History search for recently-used expressions or translations, and more.
    * eFusion has introduced AudioPost 1.0, their new social networking application for iOS. Designed specifically for simplicity and functionality, AudioPost gives Facebook users single tap sharing for voice memo, songs into their profile. With its included built-in voice recorder, Facebook users can record and upload voice memo instantly. This application also supports importing audio files from email attachments as well as iTunes file sharing over USB.
    * Harper's Bazaar from the Hearst Magazines collection of titles has launched its digital India edition on Magzter, the global digital newsstand from New York. India licensee the India Today Group (ITG) is building on its successful digital launch of its other titles like India Today, Business Today and Men's Health on the Magzter platform.
    * Good Housekeeping India is now available to readers on iPads, iPhones and Android powered devices. ITG has chosen Magzter, the global digital newsstand, for the launch after the successes of their other titles like India Today, Business Today and Men's Health on the Magzter platform. Good Housekeeping is launching with a simple PDF format to meet the basic requirements of its readers today.
    * Haifa based P-O-M Games has introduced Spin The Nut 1.0.1, their new physics based puzzle game for iOS devices. Perfect for both kids and adults alike, Spin The Nut introduces the adventure of Azoo the squirrel. As Summer ends, and Winter approaches, Azoo must gather as many nuts together for the cold months ahead. Your goal is to guide the nut to Azoo, but also to collect three golden nuts in every level within the time limit. The faster you collect the nuts, the better your score will be.
    * Themeinator: a simple, stylish app for changing Wallpaper on your iPhone. Choose from 150 unique wallpapers, created exclusively by professional designers and photographers to give a look quite different from any of the apps on the App Store at the moment. Aimed at everyone who likes stylish, great design.
    * HAPPYneuron has announced MemTrax, a new memory-screening test for consumers. With a short three-minute test, MemTrax offers a user-friendly screening for the early detection of memory issues, available as an online service or iPhone/iPad app. As the U.S. celebrates National Memory Screening Day today, MemTrax aids in the discovery of memory impairments at an early, more treatable stage.
    * Mention Mobile, a company offering innovative social gaming apps, announced today that it has released the second version of its popular Trivia Friends game. Along with new features such as Mystery Friends, Trivia Friends maintains its mass appeal as a Facebook-integrated, fast-paced trivia game that tests the user's knowledge of their friends' interests, hometowns, schools, and more
    * JamRT has announced the release of its online social rhythm title TubeHero, available on iTunes App Store. Based on its patented technology and leveraging its popular Facebook game, TubeHero enables players to play any iTunes track they own in a colorful and engaging rhythm game.
    * Tired of always typing the same password when you surf on Safari? Bored of always repeating the same template of mail in your work? AllPaste is the definitive solution for easily copy and paste whatever you want inside other apps like Safari, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just add the item and with a simple tap you can copy it in your clipboard, ready to paste.
    * This is typically a quiet time of year for birders and nature lovers. The holidays are approaching and most of our feathered friends have departed for points south. It's a time to snuggle up in front of a warm fire with a good book, organize photos from last spring and summer, and plan next year's trips. Peterson Birds of North America for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is an ideal companion during winter months. Read it like an eBook and learn more about your favorite birds. Use it as an album for your best bird photos. Treat is as a reference guide to species you can expect to see anywhere in the US and Canada.
    * It's time to hoist the sails and live the life of a scalawag, as BulkyPix has announced that The Pirate King is finally available for download on iOS platforms in the App Store. In this all-ages adventure game, you'll be able to forge a pirating legacy. Visit new towns, forge weapons, play the lottery to increase your gold count, and make improvements to your ship before hitting the high seas. Hidden gold purses are also scattered throughout the game.
    * Still waving and digging over the app store for cool free applications, now it's time to call for action. Permeative Technologies one of the leading iPhone app developers, has analyze the exact trend and need of iPhone owners and iPad users, as with the result of their analyzation they have launched two free apps to download What's Free and Games 4 Free for the idevice community. Which will help users to find and download those paid apps which have been gone free from last 24 hours.

New accessories

    * TouchAbility has launched a new range of capacitive touchscreen compatible gloves, which feature special conductive fibres in all 10 fingers. Touchscreen gadgets have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks in part to the intuitive user interface and ease of use that characterise devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad. However, the capacitive touch screens found on many popular mobile phones, MP3 players and GPS devices do not work when the user is wearing gloves.
    * Verbatim has announced its second generation Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard is now shipping to retailers nationwide. The new model is designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, iPad, iPad 2 and Android tablet devices with HID keyboard support such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom. Like the original model, the new keyboard also features an ultra-compact design that folds for maximum portability. It also comes with a high-quality carrying case for convenient storage in your briefcase or purse. Plus, enhanced Bluetooth capability allows you to pair the wireless keyboard with up to six devices at one time.
    * newMacgadgets has introduced their new Headphone Stand that replicates the look of the Apple store display. Now consumers can bring the Apple store experience home. The new Headphone Stand duplicates the look of the Apple Store display while providing a convenient storage space for the iPad, iMac or MacBook headphones. The Headphone Stand is the perfect compliment to newMacgadgets very popular iPad 2 Display Dock which also duplicates the Apple store look.
    * Griffin Technology Inc., has announced their AppPowered Holiday Sweepstakes. This year, Griffin is bringing out the big guns with their biggest sweepstakes ever, giving away their AppPowered products, iPads, a Gibson guitar, a home entertainment system and an expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas. Each week through December 15th, Griffin will be giving away cool prize packages built around their AppPowered products. These products use the power of apps to control the devices of our lives from a phone or tablet, giving mobile accessories a new meaning. From remote control helicopters to home entertainment systems and child-friendly iPad accessory-app combos, Griffin's AppPowered accessories are designed to streamline the mobile lifestyle.
    * Speakal has launched mi-Soccer, the soccer ball shaped iPod/iPhone docking station speaker system. Licensed by the Major League Soccer (MLS), mi-Soccer makes a memorable gift for the growing base of soccer fans that enjoy watching and/or playing soccer, for those who want to show off their enthusiasm for the sport, and for music fans that love high-quality audio.

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