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Who's Nailin' Paylin? stars Lisa Ann, Nina Hartley, Holly West, Sindee Jennings, and Jada Fire. Besides being a parody of Sarah Palin, the film includes spoofs of Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Todd Palin and Bill O'Reilly lisa ann nailin pailin

Who's Nailin' Paylin? stars Lisa Ann, Nina Hartley, Holly West, Sindee Jennings, and Jada Fire. Besides being a parody of Sarah Palin, the film includes spoofs of Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Todd Palin and Bill O'Reilly  lisa ann nailin pailin lisa ann nailin paylin nailin pailin nailin palin lisa ann nailin palin lisa ann who's nailin paylin hustler who's nailin palin


Who's Nailin' Paylin?
Who's Nailin' Paylin?
Type:     Video
Color.gif Color
Release date(s):     November 4, 2008
Language:     English
Company:     Hustler Video
Directed by:     Jerome Tanner
Starring:     Lisa Ann
Jada Fire
Holly West
Nina Hartley
Sindee Jennings
Produced by:     Larry Flynt
Written by:     Roger Krypton
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Who's Nailin' Paylin? is an American pornographic film that satirizes former U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin released on November 4, 2008.[1] The film was directed by Jerome Tanner and stars Lisa Ann, Nina Hartley, Holly West, Sindee Jennings, and Jada Fire. Besides being a parody of Sarah Palin, the film includes spoofs of Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Todd Palin and Bill O'Reilly.[2]

Produced by Hustler Video, the film was shot in two days and includes five hardcore sex scenes spanning from the Paylin character's college years, home life in rural Alaska, and the 2008 U.S. Presidential election.[3]

On October 31, 2008 Hustler announced that Lisa Ann was going to star in Obama is Nailin' Palin? a scene that continued on the adventures of Lisa as Sarah Palin except this time Barack Obama would be lampooned as well.[4] The scene is only available through their Hustler members website with no plans to release it on a DVD.[5] This "bonus scene" was released on election eve November 3rd, 2008.

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[edit] Plot summary

The film opens in Serra Paylin's living room, when two Russian soldiers knock on the door seeking a tow-truck to lend assistance with their smoldering tank.[6] After some small talk, flirting, and knock-knock joke, a ménage à trois scene ensues.[7]

The second scene, referring back to the first, opens with a newspaper headline exclaiming "Paylin endorses Russian penetration!"[8] Then focus shifts to the Faux News Studio, where character Bill Orally sits at the news desk.[8] Orally praises Paylin's recent work in foreign relations, and criticizes what he characterizes as the "hypocritical left."[8]

The third scene takes place in a Washington, D.C. hotel. A female White House intern is attempting to prepare Serra for interaction with the press.[9] The intern attempts to teach Serra how to correctly pronounce the word "absolutely," which Serra comedically renders as "You betcha."[9] After a frustrating session, Serra leaves in search of "a warm glass of moo juice and some shut eye."[10] After Paylin leaves, the intern declares "What a fucking air head."[11] In response, Serra's husband slides out from under the bed and replies "Try living with her."[11] The scene ends with an anal sex encounter between Mr. Paylin and the intern.[12]

This is a quote from the film:

    "It's time to drill baby! Drill hard and drill deep. Come on ya tree hugging hippie! What'ya wait'n for, congressional approval?"[12]

The fourth scene opens in Serra's bedroom, showing her falling into a fitful sleep, and segues into a dream sequence.[12] In the dream, Paylin seduces her husband's business partner at their snowmobile dealership.[12] The scene finishes with the encounter, returning to a Paylin continuing to toss and turn in her sleep.[13]

The fifth scene is another dream, where Serra remembers her collegiate days at "The International University of I-DA-HO" in 1987.[14] Young Serra listens and actively participates in a classroom discussion which focuses on topics in science.[15] Serra places the age of the Earth at 10,000 years and classifies fossils as a ruse by Satan to "trick mankind."[15] After class, Young Serra asks the professor if he knows of any rituals to protect her from witchcraft.[16] The professor assures her that vigorous cunnilingus will provide the required protection, and wastes no time demonstrating.[17]

The sixth and final scene opens with a Bill Orally monologue delivered from the Faux News Studio.[17] The Orally piece introduces a Paylin news conference in which she is to defend herself against charges of adultery.[18] During a rambling monologue Paylin avoids answering the adultery question.[19] After the press clears the room, the Hilly character emerges from beneath the podium.[20] The film closes with a lesbian ménage à trois featuring Serra, Hilly, and Condi.[20]
[edit] Production

Just a few days after the conclusion of the 2008 Republican National Convention, producers for Larry Flynt Publications posted an anonymous help-wanted ad on Craigslist in Los Angeles.[21] The ad called for "a Sarah Palin look-alike for an adult film to be shot in the next 10 days," and specified a salary of $3,000 for the role.[21] According to sex writer Violet Blue, this represented a "pretty shocking" salary for the role.[22]

After being selected for the lead role, actress Lisa Ann had only four days to prepare.[23] The actress prepared for the role by studying Palin's mannerisms during the vice presidential debate against Joe Biden, as well as Tina Fey's impersonation of her on Saturday Night Live.[24]She bought her Palin-esque costumes online from Macy's, and due to time constraints, altered the clothing herself.[23] Filming began on October 11, 2008 and was completed in two days.[23]
[edit] Reception

The film has not generated a positive review from print critics. Critic John Patterson of The Guardian says that "the script's literary values are close to nil, and its political jabs... are often [close] to infantile."[25] Patterson's review also cites "ridiculous dialogue" such as "Drill, baby, drill!" and "I'm speaking in tongues!"[25]

On the other hand, the film's star Lisa Ann has received widespread attention for the role, including interviews by Marie Claire], Entertainment Tonight, and on radio shows.[23] In the interview in Marie Claire, Lisa Ann reports that fans have been supportive of the movie, calling it "shrewd" and "funny."[23] The actress also feels the film has a "much broader range" than most adult films.[23]

When asked about the possibility of backlash, Lisa Ann replied "Maybe some crazy right-wing activist will try and burn my house down... But I put myself in that target spot and it is what it is."[23]

On the America's Newsroom program on `October 13th, Fox News personality Megyn Kelly said that the film is "disgusting, it's dirty -- [the American people] wouldn't want to see it," and questioned the project's legality.[26] Later in the program, defense attorney David Wohl said that the film could be viewed as "a political hit piece" in which case, it might be legally actionable.[26]

On November 1, 2008, the Masked Avengers comedy duo prank called Palin by pretending to be Nicolas Sarkozy, "Sarkozy" commented that he enjoyed seeing "the documentary on your life, Hustler's Who's Nailin' Paylin?," to which the real Palin replied, "Oh good, thank you."[27]
[edit] External Links

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