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Fiona Victoria Gubelmann (born March 30, 1980)[1] is an American actress  A native of California, she has appeared in a number of single episode roles in television, including CSI: NY, My Name Is Earl and Knight Rider, as well as a handful of films including Employee of the Month and Downstream  She is best known for playing Jenna in the FX television series Wilfred

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[edit] Early life

Fiona Gubelmann was born in Santa Monica, California [2] She began acting and dancing in preschool, and her mother enrolled her in dance classes as a child [3] Her first play was at the age of four in a ballet version of The Cabbage Patch Kids [2] As a child and teenager, she was attended drama camps in the summer, acted in local community theater, and became involved in the drama department at her school,[3] Torrey Pines High School in Del Mar, California [4] She enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she was a pre-medical major [3] She successfully auditioned for a play during her freshman year [3] She found she enjoyed acting so much that she switched her major to theater [5] During her time as an undergraduate, she volunteered with ArtsBridge, a program for at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area [2]

She graduated from UCLA in 2002,[3][6] and went on to study acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse (performing in plays with the organization's Katselas Theater Company) [2][4]
[edit] Career

Gubelmann made her television acting debut in 2003 on the UPN sitcom The Mullets, and made her film debut the following year in the comedy Employee of the Month [2] She appeared as a guest star in a number of television series and in a few films over the next several years [2] She also continued stage work, appearing in Peter Lefcourt's play La Ronde de Lunch in Los Angeles in 2009 [7]

When Gubelmann's agent sent her the script for Wilfred, she said that she "absolutely fell in love with it", although "didn't quite get the whole guy in the dog suit thing" [5] She watched some of the original Australian version online, and described her reaction as "Oh my God, this is amazing!"[5] After auditioning, she was called back several more times over the course of three and half weeks  She also auditioned with Elijah Wood and Jason Gann so producers could see if she had on-screen chemistry with her potential co-stars, and was tested a final time before winning the role [5]
[edit] Filmography
Year     Film     Role     Notes
2004     Employee of the Month[8]     Amber     Topless scene
2007     Blades of Glory[2]     Woodland Fairie    
2010     Downstream     Tabitha    
Sex Tax: Based on a True Story[9]     Tina    
2011     Last Stop     Ella     In post production
[edit] Television
Year     Show     Role     Notes
2003     The Mullets     Valley Girl     Episode 1 9 Airway to Heaven
2004     Cold Case     Bobbi Jean Banks 1968     Episode 2 4 The House
The Mountain     Darlene Toth     Episode 1 7 The Letter
2005     Joey     Anna     Episode 1 14 Joey and the Premiere
2007     CSI: NY     Isabella Cooksey     Episode 3 20 "What Schemes May Come"
Sales Guys     Season Fisher    
My Name Is Earl     Lucy     Episode 3 6 Frank's Girl
2008     Comedy Gumbo     ShmappleBapp's Hostess / The Future Mrs  Chambers     Recurring character in three episodes, and a different character in one
Knight Rider     Courtney Flynn     Episode 1 8 Knight of the Zodiac
2009     The Closer     Lisa Price     Episode 5 12 Waivers of Extradition
Californication     Young Wife     Episode 3 4 Zoso
2011     The Paul Reiser Show     Jill     Unaired episode The Shave
2011–present     Wilfred     Jenna     Main cast
2011     Parenthood     Sandy     Episode 3 1
[edit] References

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[edit] External links

    * Fiona Gubelmann at the Internet Movie Database
    * Fiona Gubelmann at TV Guide

Name     Gubelmann, Fiona
Alternative names    
Short description    
Date of birth     March 30, 1980
Place of birth     Santa Monica, California, U S
Date of death    
Place of death    
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